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"Mira.." He whispered to himself in thought, bringing his right hand up to his face. His boney fingers tapped his chin as if they knew the answers and were sending them through his face to his brain. Or something like that. The name definitely rang a bell, he was just trying to remember if he had a story to it. He didn’t, but he made a mental note to go learn it and bring it back to Craig next time they met up. "Oh! Oh, right, that one. It’s pretty."

Tweek adjusted to sit indian style, his hands in his lap now. As he thought of an answer to the question given, he  tapped his fingertips together. “You’re right, ah.. It’s hard. There’s a lot of pressure.” He looked up at the sky like he’d get an instant answer. He didn’t.

"Like what if you favor the constellation Ursa Minor over Ursa Major and then Major gets mad and next thing you know you get attacked by a huge bear!” He seemed pretty serious, like this was a worry of his in the past. “But I mean, Ursa Minor only means smaller bear so I’m sure that wouldn’t be nearly as scary if it were the other way around but.. Nngh.. bears are fucking vicious.”

Deep blue eyes stared intently up at the restless blond that sat beside him as he thought of his response. As he waited, Craig unlaced his fingers so that he could use his forearms for leverage to sit up. Sitting up, the lanky male twisted his midsection to the left and then to the right, with each turn being accompanied by a series of popping noises.

"Yeah, Mira," he began once he was settled, "I don’t know. I think it’s fascinating, that a star can orbit another without colliding. That is, unless one of the stars reaches its red giant phase and— Well, you know how it is, right?" Becoming aware that he had been rambling, Craig cuts himself off short, embarrassed by his own little discursion.

Listening to the other go off on a small tangent about bears, Craig weaved his fingers through a patch of grass behind him before leaning back against the palms of his hands. Shaking his head slightly, he lets out a small, amused snort. “I don’t think you have to worry about that. Maybe Orion can protect you if that does happen, though.”

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You piss me off

shut up sam you love me

TBH i’m just not really afraid to point out when something pisses me off


I don’t know, I guess. We’ll see if i ever bring it up. [Hoping that he brushed this subject off for now, he hit Craig with a pretty weak punch in his side, in return for the bony elbow he got.] What, you don’t want to do the double dates? I mean, it doesn’t have to be this week or anything, we can do it whenever. [Clyde rolled over so he was lying on his stomach, his head propped up by his hands so he could look Craig in the face better. He frowned slightly at the expression the other had.] If it’ll make you uncomfortable we won’t do it. I was mostly just joking around anyways. 

If you say so, man. [His laces his fingers together over his stomach and lets out a small breath, staring straight at the wall across from them, as if he had spotted something particularly interesting. He hadn’t.] No, it’s not that. [Pursing his lips together in thought, Craig then shrugs.] It’s nothing. You just reminded me of something, that’s all. [Uncrossing his fingers, Craig turns onto his side to face Clyde, resting his head against his hand for leverage.] Sorry.


Um. Maybe that’s because I am, silly. *He scoffed smiling slightly as he popped his knuckles.* Naw. You can take it off if ya want. I don’t mind. it’ll be easier to rub the lotion into it’s skin! *He stopped and slowly turned to make eye contact with Craig as he whispered,* Or else it gets the hose again.

[Craig raises his eyebrow at the short male before shaking his head. Raising an arm, his places a bony hand in his thick black locks, combing his fringe more to the side with his appendages.] True, good point. What kind of lotion are you going to be using? [He asks the last part as he begins to slide his shirt over his head, revealing his extremely thin, pale midsection to the other. Once his shirt was entirely removed, he pauses, staring at Butters.] The hose..?


"this is south park we’re talking about! They’re going to use slurs"

haa aaa a? ? ?? how about fuck off cause???? its rp and people can actually be upset by them??????? at least block them out if you’re going to use them jesus fucking christ

then make it clear that you’re not comfortable when people use certain words, and blacklist them if you don’t want to see such words on your dash. it’s not that hard.

this is south park we’re talking about

not every kid is going to grow up to be some social justice preaching asshole; chances are, most of them are probably going to use slurs at some point in time

The Front Bottoms - The Beers (The Front Bottoms)

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tucks u in!! feel better my friend

thank u very much i appreciate it! :’)